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Aaron - a GMHF story

Aaron (not his real name) was referred to Housing First by the Rough Sleepers Team. We met him at the ‘A Bed Every Night’ programme and we were able to offer him support through the GM Housing First pilot.

Within weeks, he had his own flat and was beginning to use his personalisation fund to make his house into a home.

Once he had a safe place to stay, he began working on his mental health and improving his wellbeing.

Aaron has experienced struggles along the way but managed his own emotions and used Housing First for support in a proactive and meaningful way.

He sent texts to his engagement worker saying how grateful he was that he has had support from Housing First. He said:

"Tell your managers I couldn’t have come this far without you. I really do appreciate you and your organisation. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My life is changing back to the way it was."

He is now ready to graduate from the pilot, which is a huge success. He has managed to do all this within a year, which is incredible. He used part of his personalisation fund to buy gym equipment, clothing and materials and has requested to use the last of his fund on a gym membership.


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