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Carla - a GMHF story

Carla, 35, (not her real name) escaped a violent relationship in early 2018, which left her sofa-surfing and at times homeless and suffering from depression, panic and anxiety attacks.

She gave birth to her third child, which was taken into care along with her two other children. Her first child was taken into care in 2011 and that began a cycle of alcohol abuse and dependency.

From her teenage years, she had been in regular trouble with the police and served time following an assault.

Carla was referred to the GM Housing First team in August 2020 after other services had tried and failed to get Carla to engage.

But she stopped drinking and began to engage with the GMHF team and things began to change.

She was given support and helped to get into an A Bed Every Night shelter to ensure she had a safe and secure place to sleep.

As she stopped drinking her physical and mental health began to improve and began to reconnect with family and friends and made meaningful use of her time.

She eventually moved into a home in her preferred area in February 2021 and this has helped her throw down roots and begin to build a meaningful future.

She is still there to there have been no reports of ASB since she moved in and no issues with the rent.

Carla has finished both her English and Maths beginner’s courses and she goes to Mustard Tree for arts and crafts and is a valued member of the co-production panel.

The flexible support available through the GM Housing First partnership has been invaluable as Carla has been able to work on the areas she felt she needed to.

This led too a much-improved relationship with her parents and having her three children back in her life.

Her future looks very bright and that’s thanks to the GM Housing First partnership.

Together, we are making a difference.

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