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Homelessness Hacked!

GREATER Manchester Housing First was represented at the Chartered Institute of Housing Conference in Manchester last week.

The event, which took place at Manchester Central over three days, is the housing sector’s flagship conference and attracted speakers such as Prime Minister Theresa May and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.

Scenes from the Hackathon

Programme Lead Emily Cole was invited to participate in the Hackathon run by FutureGov.

The sessions featured a wide range of life and professional experience collaborated in teams to come up with innovative suggestions and solutions to ending homelessness.

Housing First was recognised as an innovative solution and there was a real buzz as the collaborators came up with ideas to tackle specific issues.

The winning idea was virtual addresses with lockers and a service to get your ID and a bank account.

The runner up was a "It could be me" national awareness campaign.

It was great to see so many people coming together to tackle homelessness.


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