Katie - a GMHF story

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

The journey from homelessness and an inherent drug addiction to her own home, a job and a college course hasn’t been an easy one – but GMHF tenant Katie has made it.

Katie first started to engage with GMHF after she had been in ABEN (A Bed Every Night) for six months and had become addicted to crack cocaine and cannabis and her behaviour was described as chaotic and impulsive.

She also had significant PTSD due to several troubled relationships that were violent in nature and there were also unresolved issues from her childhood years.

So when GMHF came calling, she was desperate for one to one intensive support from GMHF as she had recently lost parental guardianship of her four children who were now residing with her Mother by Court Order, and also wanted choice-based pathway of support to address multiple barriers.

Initially, she was proactive in addressing her drug use and had been moved to a ABEN dispersed property that focussed on drug addiction but struggled with the limitations of movement insisted upon by the ABEN.

When she was offered a property, she chose not to continue with this service and felt that having her own property she would be able to manage her drug addiction in a better way.

This has proven to be a better pathway for Katie as she now attends the drug rehabilitation Service and has a designated Support Worker.

She loves her home and maintains it to a very high standard, there have been no concerns surrounding her property from the Housing provider since she moved in.

Katie has welcomed support around her substance misuse and wellbeing need. She is free from crack cocaine and has also given up smoking tobacco.

And as she recovered from her substance misuse, she followed her desire to pursue an education and she was given the support she needed to enrol at college for a Foundation Year Health and Social Care course as she is aiming for a position in the homelessness, drug or alcohol support services.

To give her the tools she needs, Katie bought a lap top and software for her course, which she will attend alongside her full-time job. Her employer has agreed that she may retain her job with reduced hours and this will allow her to focus and attend her college course.

She is also engaging with the GMHF Co-production panel as she feels this will help others that have been in a similar situation to her and this may lead to peer mentorship.

Thanks to her incredible resolve, her desire to address her issues and her engagement with her Housing First Worker and the support services, Katie is on the path, which will allow her to realise her ambitions.

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