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Full house at People's History Museum

People with lived experience on the programme showed off their incredible talents at the People's History Museum recently in front of a packed house.

Members of the GM Housing First co-production panel had created amazing pieces of art for the "Safe as Houses" exhibition.

The collection explored the role of safe and secure housing, with support, has played in helping them recover their sense of safety and security.

The artists use sculpture, collage, print-making, poetry and spoken word to inform people about what they need in order to feel adequately cared for and supported. To listen to a podcast about the exhibition, click HERE.

As well as the exhibition, a group of talented actors put on a powerful performance of Legislative Theatre called "Nowhere to Turn".

The piece has been produced by people with lived experience of having their children removed. It helps people to understand the emotions people experience during this extremely difficult time in their lives and explores what help they need to process what has happened to them.

The performance was followed by a policy discussion and recommendations for change.

A film about the day and the full Legislative Theatre performance and discussion will be made available in due course.


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