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Working for a brighter tomorrow 


Working for the Greater Manchester Housing First pilot is not only rewarding – it’s helping to make a real difference to people in the area.

For those who don’t know, the Housing First model puts stable and secure housing at the centre of a person’s recovery – rather than the person having to overcome obstacles to gain the right to housing.

And once rehoused, the wraparound support can provide the person with the support they need in the way they want to receive it. 

GM Housing First is thinking of new ways to help people and to put them at the centre of all we are doing; to ask them what would help, listen to their answers and act on them accordingly. 

That’s not to say this is easy - it isn’t. Building trust with people, sourcing the right housing for them and offering them the support they want and deserve is not plain sailing and some times we run into the old ways of doing things when working with other agencies. 

Part of our remit is to build local capacity and to lead on system change, working with all the involved agencies across Greater Manchester is challenging, but it is a challenge that makes coming to work worth while. 

The aim is we can prove that the Housing First approach works in an English context, that we can build a new approach locally, that we can put this excluded cohort at the centre of everything we do and that we can MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE!

Because of  this challenge we want people who want to make a real and tangible difference in society.

Project Manager Mike Hughes said: “There is a phrase that is said quite frequently and that is: ‘We are making a real difference’. 

“But the truth is - we really are. The project is aimed at the cohort of those with the most barriers to accessing housing; be that due to history, mental health issues, substance misuses, etc these are people who have been failed by the existing system time and time again because they could not fit in with processes and procedure required to access housing. 

“The aim of this pilot is to create a blueprint for future Housing First projects and we need staff who can put peole at the centre of everything they do and  will be able to help people on their recovery journey and help us to create a legacy by changing the system.”

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