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Lynette - a GMHF story

Over the last couple of years Lynette has been in several different temporary accommodation placements and faced quite a few difficulties. Alcohol has been a problem for Lynette for many years and she also became estranged from her five children.

Since Greater Manchester Housing First started working with Lynette she has signed her own tenancy, has reduced her alcohol use and is building a relationship with her two eldest daughters.

She is engaging with other services, managing her finances and in the process of making her new property a home.

To get her tenancy we were able to support her using the phone, which she finds difficult due to echo from her hearing aids, to discuss the flat with her landlord and get some essential items.

Through the Housing First Welcome Pack we got Lynette a microwave and as the property was a bedsit ordered a sofa bed through the personalisation budget. A local charity was able to supply and fit a cooker.

Together we are looking for a volunteer placement with animals which would build her confidence further and be very rewarding. She should be extremely proud of how far she has come.


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