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Partnership day drives new thinking

The GMHF partnership gathered its leaders together to plot the course for the collective as it prepares to enter its sixth year. 

Led by Programme Lead Emily Cole, those gathered discussed the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in our sixth year of delivery and facing the end of current funding in March 2025.  

Among the challenges highlighted were: 

  • The shortage of affordable housing, especially one-bed housing which makes giving people choice over where they live difficult   

  • Staff recruitment and retention 

  • Colleague wellbeing 

  • Future funding concerns 

  • Helping third-party services understand the HF model 

And amongst the opportunities identified were:  

  • Sharing best practice with other HF programmes and agencies to make the case for similar projects locally and nationally 

  • Helping people who graduate from the programme integrate further into their communities and tap into peer programmes 

  • More co-production opportunities to help people along on their recovery journeys and build confidence as well as collaborating with peers 

  • Improve the health offer to people on the programme and staff. Also, improve the referral process and get psychology input for DDPs to enhance practice. 

It was an open and very useful session with our heroes who work with the people on the programme giving us the benefit of their expertise.  


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