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Sound as a pound

Soundbath? What’s that I hear you cry?! The interpretation often leads to intrigue, writes GMHF Worker Cheryl Marney.

I first encountered Soundbath Therapy some 15 years ago. Although attuned to embracing all kinds of holistic therapies, and a big fan of music, gigs and festival life, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first divulged. Was I getting into a bath tub? Did I wear a bathing suit?

Was there going to be speakers in the bath itself?

But it didn’t matter as I loved, and still do, trying new things out. My first experience was slightly different in that it involved two therapist playing percussion instruments, such as gongs and Tibetan chimes and bowls, at either end of body - one at the head and one at the feet. This experience was quite profound and exceeded any expectation I had.

The sound itself is heard, but with a vibration from the tones of the instruments wave throughout the whole body, so the feeling I got was like being massaged with sound. I have continued to have sound bath therapy over the years and do recommend it as an experience to most people who ask about it.

When the opportunity came up to attend a soundbath session at Great Places' head office, from a GM Housing First colleague Laura Casserley, as part of the colleague wellbeing offer, I jumped on board straight away.

I also encouraged other colleagues to attend, as I knew that, even for the experience, there is nothing to lose but having a lie down and rest for an hour. That’s a good way to spend part of your working day, in fact any relaxation practice promotes a more productive working day.

As we entered the events room at head office, Laura was welcoming and explained what to expect, or not expect, from the session. Laura’s calming nature and reassurance and positive introduction, put everyone at ease.

The atmosphere was set with lighting that projected a wave-type image around the room, soft music and a calming incense. Laura described some of the workings of the Chakra system and how certain levels of tone and vibration resonate with each one of the Chakra energy points which your own system will activate.

I could write a whole blog just on the holistic workings of the Chakra energy system, and indeed Laura could too. But speaking on a bit of a time limit, Laura explained that each person will experience it differently and each person will have a different experience with every sound bath they have, this is how any energy healing works.

I know for some, energy work is a hard concept to grasp. But if we look at other most energy sources, or radio waves, they are invisible, but we know they exist through what they produce.

Anyhow, there is a tonne and more of scientific evidence and research out there that can help to rationalise, how it works. But science proof aside, the proof is in the experience itself.

Music and sound has been used by our ancestors in promoting changes of mood and celebration, which promotes our bodies to move and shake in the form of dance, and that isn’t rocket science!

For me, the experience this time, brought me into a wonderfully relaxed state. It brought up a sense of togetherness and a sensitivity to an innate state of happiness.

When we had finished, I felt to bring our circle together and hold hands to display that we are all great in what we do. I felt this light, fluffy feeling that took me into the evening, a sense of light heartedness.

On checking in with some of my work colleagues who had also experienced the soundbath, they too said they had a really wonderful experience. It opened up something which we forget is part of our life, which is happiness.

Sometimes our roles, in work and life in general, separate us from our self and care for ourselves. On a flight, you are told to fit your own mask first, take care of yourself, it can be a lifesaver.

If you’ve never tried a soundbath, energy work, or are just put off by the fluffiness, I challenge you to take the plunge of a new experience.


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