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Giving a voice to those who know best

Matt Kidd, from Creative Inclusion, talks about the co-production efforts on the Greater Manchester Housing First pilot

Since the launch of the Greater Manchester Housing First pilot in April 2019, co-production and those with lived experience have been a central cog in helping to shape, design and deliver the service.

The co-production panel includes people who have experienced:

• Homelessness

• Mental ill health

• Substance misuse

• Racial discrimination

• Discrimination due to sexuality

• Involvement in the Criminal Justice System as a service user

One member of the panel has left due to entering full-time employment as a direct result of the skills and experience he gained through involvement in the panel.

Here, Matt Kidd, from Creative Inclusions, who is leading on co-production with the GMHF pilot, talks about the role of the panel.

“There have been many highlights in the first year of the pilot, not only in the numbers of people that are being helped, but for the co-production panel.

“The Quality Assurance Framework for Housing First has been co-produced with the lived experience panel.

“As part of this, people working on the panel are conducting guided conversations with people accessing Housing First about their experiences and providing feedback to the programme team.

“This will act as an internal fidelity review and will be part of the performance management process for providers and will inform the training and development plans for individuals and teams.

“The programme team worked with the coproduction panel and the MMU to coproduce peer research training which has skilled up seven members of the coproduction panel.

“We have co-produced a template for the guided conversation and are now ready to start conducting them by phone while the Coronavirus restrictions are in place.

“The Co-production panel co-designed the outcome framework for GM Housing First. The panel attended workshops in Birmingham with ICF to ensure the voice of lived experience plays a central part in Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s national outcome evaluation.

“Co-production is a standing item in Zone Lead and Team Leader meetings.

“At each meeting, we discuss the different opportunities for people accessing Housing First to work with the co-production panel, including the guided conversations and involvement in themed focus groups about any particular opportunities or challenges relevant to the delivery of Housing First.

"We have co-produced the following pathway through which people accessing Housing First can eventually become members of the co-production panel:

Low time commitment

Level 1

Participating through guided conversations and/or surveys about their experiences

Medium time commitment

Level 2

Participating in workshops, focus groups and creative methods for conveying their views and experiences (For example Legislative Theatre)

High time commitment

Level 3

Becoming a full member of the co-production panel and sharing both practical and strategic decisions about service design and delivery.

"The co-production panel have a place on the GMHF board to ensure that co-production features at every level of decision-making throughout the pilot.

"This is currently filled by the panel lead, however, a member of the panel will eventually be trained and supported to take on this role.

"Members of the co-production panel also attend the GM Homelessness Programme board and promote lived experience involvement in the design and delivery of all homelessness provision in Greater Manchester.

The co-production panel had input into the use of the innovation fund for welcome packs and co-designing what items should be included."


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