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How we help sustain tenancies

Project Manager Mike Hughes blogs on the different ways the partnership helps people to make maintain and sustain their tenancies

Housing First is founded in the belief that Housing is a human right and as such our program aims to help people who have experienced many barriers to accessing housing, into accommodation and to enable them to make these properties a home.

We don’t just focus on accessing housing, helping people to sustain their homes is an essential part of the support we offer. One aspect our work we around tenancy sustainment is helping when things are not going well and there is a need for an intervention.

This can include helping with or clearing arrears that have occurred during a tenancy when life has been difficult for the person we are supporting. We have also provided funding for deep cleans and house clearances where necessary.

These are done in partnership with the housed person and the housing provider to ensure the best outcome and a fresh start for the tenancy.

To support people to access the private rented sector we have provided people with rent in advance and deposit bonds to open this market for people who would normally be excluded due to financial constraints preventing them paying these sorts of fees up front.

Housing First does not just ‘house’ people, we support and encourage people as they make a place their own. We provide this support in the form of advice and guidance; however, there is no getting away from the expense that comes with setting up a home - another piece of the puzzle that the GMHF programme has been able to help with.

We have created a budget to help people with carpets and window coverings as there is a shortage of other funding routes for these household essentials and often social housing tenancies come without either of these.

The difference a carpet or blinds make to a property is amazing and the sense of pride and ownership that comes with choosing the colour of your carpets or blinds cannot be underestimated.

Some of the people we have housed may never have had this opportunity ever! Over the last two years we have provided funding to nearly 90 homes providing funding of £45,468.20, working out to be around £510 per home.

During the last financial year (23/24) we have put over £60,000 into all our housing interventions aimed at securing properties, removing problems and helping people make a house into a home. We recently had our 400th housing of the program and we now have 104 people who have been housed for over three years.


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