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In the Zone - Zone A

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be running a series of articles to highlight the great work in each of our zones - a series we are calling “In the Zone.”

The series gives the team in each zone to talk about their successes, what makes them tick, what makes the Housing First model great and give them a space to talk about their key achievements.

In the first of the series, we spoke to the team who deliver the service in Manchester - Zone A.

What is your team’s top three biggest achievements:

  1. The way we have been and continue to be able to influence systemic change across Manchester and the wider GMCA.

  2. The way we have worked with MASH is amazing. We work with a disproportionally high number of women in Zone A so to have their knowledge and service as part of the partnership has been and remains to be incredible.

  3. The way we have empowered people turn their lives around, to see their personal growth and see them contribute to wider society, in co-production, volunteering, work etc. That is incredibly satisfying and inspiring.

What makes your team unique:

We have a cocktail of experience. We come from different walks of life, have very different experiences/back grounds (from drug services, Women’s DA, lived experience, social work, housing/ABEN). All this varied expertise makes a great team.

Tell us something interesting/surprising about your team?

The resilience of the team has surprised everyone. We have had more than our fair share of deaths and the way we have been able to come together, deal with the highs and lows and continue to do a fantastic job is incredible.

What thing as a team are you most proud of?

They way we work together for the betterment of the people we work with. They keep knocking on doors and trying to help people on their recovery journeys. The team never gives up and that’s something to be proud of.

What piece of advice/best practice would you give to other teams working in the multiple disadvantage space?

Expect the unexpected and don’t have any expectations. It’s very easy to expect someone to align to your principles and you can’t do that. People are human and make mistakes and allowing people the room to learn and grow from their mistakes is critical for their own journey.

Sum up your team in three words:


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