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It's Kash back for the GMHF pilot

There have been some extraordinary acts of kindness during these times of the pandemic.

And one such act will help to feed some of the people on the pilot when they needed it most.

Housing First Worker Barrington Lynch took a donation of £500 worth of food from the owner of his local convenience store Kash Iqbal in Old Trafford after telling him about Greater Manchester Housing First and how some of the people on the pilot were having a difficult time during these lockdowns.

A few days later Mr Iqbal, who had donated goods to charities in the past contacted Barrington to say he was going to the cash and carry to fill a van up – even though Barrington was only expecting a couple of bags of food!

Mr Iqbal arrived with the £500 of food and Barrington was able to call on the Nick Groom at the Great Places Distribution Centre where we were able to store the food.

And then fellow Housing First Workers Chantelle Lavender and Paula Lorde helped to bag up the food and then store it in their own homes before it was distributed during the lockdown period.

Barrington said: “It just goes to show how local communities in the city have really come together to help one another out during such unprecedented times.

“I'm sure you will agree that Kash is an absolute legend and deserves some recognition for his kind donation, even though he doesn't want a fuss being made about it.

“That being said, this could not have happened without the help of my colleagues at Great Places, Paula, Chantelle and Nick at the Distribution Centre.”


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