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Janet - a GMHF story

Christmas can be a difficult time of the year, but this year Janet was able to enjoy the festive season in the comfort of her own home.

Janet has been on the GM pilot since September 2020 and after a stay in a women’s hostel she finally accepted a property that best suited her needs.

Janet’s HF worker Sandra, helped her move in and apply for furniture and white goods via local welfare provisions and decorating grants to help Janet make her flat a comfortable home – she was even able to paint her walls her favourite colour, lilac.

Sandra was also able to successfully apply for a Debt Relief Order removing previous debt including rent arrears.

She got into the Christmas spirit by attending a carol service and putting up fairy lights and Christmas decorations. She described Sandra as: “A godsend, the best worker ever!”

Janet was safe and secure this Christmas thanks to the amazing work by our colleagues, the pilot and partners across Greater Manchester.

Together, we are making a difference.


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