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Legislative Theatre - a performance for change

Click HERE to watch a recording of You know where the door is!

They joined from across the UK, and even Europe and the USA to witness the live event of the year - the Legislative Theatre performance "You know where the door is!"

Stakeholders, those who work in the sector and policy-makers tuned in as our actors took them through a number of scenarios to shine a spotlight on the obstacles people face when they are trying to get their life back on track.

Members of the Housing First co-production panel, members of the Elephants Trail project, and facilitator Katy Rubin, created a play based on the experiences of the group members in a policy-making process called Legislative Theatre; and to strengthen facilitation skills, so that this group will be able to lead other communities and audiences through similar processes in the future.

The play covered trying to access the healthcare system, access to housing and challenged deeply ingrained prejudices and perceptions held in society about those who have experienced homelessness.

Once the play was over, the audience was able to speak to the actors and play through how differently they could have handled the situation in break out rooms.

The policymakers also had the chance to discuss how things can change as a result from what they had seen to pull down the barriers so many people face every day.

It was a fantastic event and despite the restrictions we hope that everyone enjoyed it and that it can bring about real change.

Please see the policy proposal document below for the outcomes and issues to be taken forward.

Housing First Legislative Theatre 15_10_
Download • 9KB

Also, please give us your feedback from the event HERE

There are so many thank yous for making the event happen:

Actors / Facilitators: Alexa Sargeant, Damon Williamson, Judith Whitehead, Matt Kidd, Melanie Humphreys, Neil Daley.

Lead Facilitator: Katy Rubin.

Special thanks to Methodist Central Hall; Emily Cole, Jason Kayley, Christy Farrow and the staff of GM Housing First/Great Places; John Organ; Patrick, Jules, and the Zoom support team; and policy-makers Andrew Beeput, Kate Hall, Chris Woodhouse, and Molly Bishop.

We hope you enjoy the event at your leisure.


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