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Managing the moves

The GM Housing first partnership is successful because of its flexibility – and managed moves is one way we can help people navigate their recovery journey.

Take the case of Mike (not his real name), who has benefitted from a managed move recently.

Mike had a long history of rough sleeping and been in and out of hostels and prison, which can be attributed to his poor mental health.

His physical health wasn’t great either as his conditions went untreated because of limited engagement with his GP. He was also a regular crack and heroin user.

Mike was referred to the GMHF partnership in October 2020 and moved into a tenancy with his partner in March 2021. A year later, he moved into his own tenancy after a breakdown in his relationship.

He stayed in that tenancy until January 2024 when the partnership arranged for Mike to be moved as he had become a victim of cuckooing.

Mike had been targeted due to his vulnerability but thanks to Riverside and Your Housing, they were able to find him a property away from the area he had been living.

With the new home has brought a new lease of life. His physical and mental health has improved and he is engaging well with his worker and the services he has available.

He’s no longer using Class A drugs and is now looking to put his experiences to a positive use by volunteering with young offenders.

It’s a strength of the model and the GM Housing First partnership that we have been able to overcome numerous challenges to help Mike along his path and be better prepared to manage his tenancy.


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