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Our advocates give is our strength

The GM Housing First partnership is nothing without a pipeline of homes and we have had amazing support over the past five years from GMHP (Greater Manchester Housing Providers) and other housing providers.

We need the continued support of our registered provider partners to ensure that the people on the programme have choice and control over where they live to give them the best chance of success.

We have many advocates of the Housing First model amongst the staff of our housing partners, which show we have accessed accommodation to enable us to rehouse more than 400 people so far.

One of those fantastic advocates is Great Places’ Neighbourhood Services Manager Jonathan Plumb, who has been collaborating with our partnership and has provided homes to rehouse two people since the turn of this year.

He said: “I had a conversation with Mike Hughes (Project Manager), and he told me about the programme and the needs of the people, the partnership and the wraparound support they have access too as well as a housing officer.

“Giving someone a fresh start is especially important to me. The people on the GMHF programme have suffered traumas in their lives and I was able to find the right property for two people.

“It was important to have conversations with the team and GMHF colleagues to ensure we get the right people into the right property as there needs to be consideration for the people in the block they will be moving too.

“Thankfully, as we had those conversations beforehand, we were able to get people into their homes and give them the best chance of maintaining their tenancy.”

While there have been a couple of bumps in the road, both people are still in their homes.

Jonathan added: “The fact that the people on the programme have a Housing First Worker who checks in on them regularly and help with their day-today issues is fantastic.

“I’ve worked with the GMHF Workers who support the people we have helped to rehouse, and we have a fantastic relationship. By working together, we can manage any risk.

“Everyone has their ups and downs, but those conversations and the additional support can help mitigate any situation that may arise.”


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