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Peter and Paul walk 5000 miles

Peter had been homeless for a number of years, but then he engaged with GM Housing First and now he’s walking on the right path again.

Peter had been homeless for several years and had struggled with complex issues but his engagement worker Paul Taylor, who works for Jigsaw Support (Zone C), has been using different methods to support him on his recovery journey.

As part of his recovery, he has been walking once or twice a week with Paul to try and get fit and during these support sessions and the dynamic duo have clocked up an amazing 5000 miles around Tameside.

Peter said: “Thanks to GM Housing First and Jigsaw Support I’ve become settled, my mental health has improved and become fitter.”

Team Leader Fi Oakes added: “Our team of dedicated Engagement Workers in Zone C and Jigsaw Support are so happy for Peter and our colleague Paul for this enormous achievement and send them our congratulations.

“At the end of their 5000 mile journey we presented them with a special cake to celebrate this huge achievement.”

Click on the link at the top of the page to watch Peter tell his story as he mark his achievement with a cake.


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