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A deep dive into tenancy sustainment

We have recently been reviewing tenancy sustainment across the programme looking at the reasons for tenancies ending from the start of Jan 22. This was discussed with the Greater Manchester Housing Providers homelessness group with top three reasons for tenancies ending being:

  1. DV/ threats

  2. People passing away

  3. People changing their mind – this includes about the specific property or having a tenancy at all

We reviewed the property offers made to the programme from the very start of delivery in 2019, with a focus on property offers received from Jan 22. This shows a direct correlation between a drop in property offers and a drop in new property starts and an increase in tenancy ends, which all impact on tenancy sustainment rate.

There needs to be a more consistent property pipeline and property offers made to the programme to be able to rehouse new people and support managed moves where these are needed to ensure people do not return to homelessness.

Please refer to the slides for full information below

Slides for HO newsletter
Download PPTX • 581KB

Moving forward we are doing a deep dive into tenancy sustainment rates in four Local Authority areas reviewing delivery in the round to further understand any contextual or delivery issues that impact tenancy sustainment, learning from this exercise will be shared in the new year.

The challenge regarding supply and demand for one- bed properties is widely known and understood and we are all working hard in this challenging environment however the programme really needs more property offers on a more consistent basis to continue to support all of the people we are currently working with along with the new referrals that have recently been made to the programme.

There has been huge support to the service over the last four years which is greatly appreciated and property commitments have recently been re-confirmed by all housing providers moving forward so we would encourage you to remember Housing First and the people we are supporting when voids become available so we can continue to all work together making a huge difference to people’s lives.


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