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A thank you from the GMHF pilot

As we head in Year Three of the pilot, we need to say thank you.

Thank you to the people on the pilot who have given the Housing First model a chance to succeed to help create a better tomorrow for themselves.

Thank you to our heroes on the frontline who, in the most extraordinary circumstances, have moved mountains to ensure that we have been able to support a record number of people in their own homes by being flexible and adaptable given the external environment.

Thank you to the 11 partners who are part of the central hub that drives the pilot across all four zones to ensure we are helping the people who need it.

Thank you to the GMHP and all the RPs that have not only provided homes for us to be able to give the people on the programme real choice in where they live but also for being brave enough to think and work differently and help us to drive real system change across Greater Manchester.

Thank you to Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and the GMCA for backing the pilot and creating an environment for us to be able to test the model at scale and make Housing First a viable option in helping to reduce entrenched rough sleeping in Greater Manchester.

Thank you to our incredible co-production panel who continue to help us refine and tailor the service while acting as advocates for the people on the pilot to ensure we stay true to the seven principles that underpin the model.

Thank you to all our third-party partners who help us provide services and items that the people on programme need to make their house a home and help them sustain their own tenancy.

The first two years of the pilot have been exciting and a huge learning curve for everyone and we have made so much progress in helping to prove that the model can work at scale and should be central to the Government’s strategy in tackling homelessness going forward.

Thank you.


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