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Co-producing the partnership

The GMHF (Greater Manchester Housing First) co-production team have always been central to the partnership and ongoing service delivery and is still going strong having grown in membership over the years.  

The panel has 10 active members and created their own purpose:  

‘The co-production panel is a small, but powerful group of people with lived experience of homelessness who get messages across about how systems and services need to change to better respond to the needs of people who need support. Because the panel have lived experience, they know what approaches from services are more likely to work, and they can advocate for these changes within the system.’   

The co-production panel not only helps the development of practice, but also benefits the members attending with people feeding back what being part of the panel means to them: 

  • “Knowing that I’m worth something, knowing that I’ve made a difference” 

  • “Knowing what I’m good at and building my skills” 

  • “Being around caring people” 


The co-production members have used their voices far and wide also taking part in the GM Homeless Action Network and the Homelessness Programme Board as well as working with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to try and positively change systems and service across the 10 local authority areas. 

The members are given training opportunities to help expand their skills and knowledge base to help them in their personal lives and also the partnership.  

The members also use creative outlets to tell their stories and influence system change through arts, poetry, creative writing workshops and exhibitions; Legislative Theatre and conducting guided conversations, which are a different way of reaching out to people on the programme and finding out about their experiences. 

This helps the panel in its campaigning function to raise issues within the system – such as the current campaign aimed at highlighting the issues of being released from prison without having stable accommodation to come out to. 

The group has created rules to ensure everyone has a safe space in which to express themselves and make sure they are heard. 

The panel will continue with their great work to ensure that the partnership serves the people of Greater Manchester and helps bring about systemic change.


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