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In the Zone - Central Team

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been running a series of articles to highlight the great work in each of our zones - a series we are calling “In the Zone.”

The series gives teams space to talk about their successes, what makes them tick, what makes the Housing First model great and give them a space to talk about their key achievements.

In the fifth of the series, we spoke to the Central Team which helps to oversee and administrate the partnership.


Team members: Emily Cole, Mike Hughes, Dan Allman, Jason Kayley, Chris Bennett, Juliet Ream, Summer Afzal (not pictured).

What is your team’s top 3 biggest achievements?

1 Being able to lead the partnership and deliver the regional Housing First programme over the last 5 years considering the initial pilot was for 3 years we have been able to secure contract extensions that proves what we are doing and how we are doing it has been effective and is helping people across Greater Manchester.

2 When we set out our vision was to create; “A blueprint for excellence which improves the way we work, developed and valued by the people of Greater Manchester.” With our cross- sectoral partnership, blended teams working as one across the region, and with co-production at the heart of all we do we have demonstrated a different way of delivery with Greater Manchester being viewed as a beacon of good practice.

3 Staying true to the Housing First model and delivering a high-fidelity service that has heled people reconnect with family and friends and to build a brighter future; we’ve helped 373 people into a home of their own providing support to more than 500 people across the years. Helping to change 1 person’s life is a huge achievement, so this is a lot for the partnership to be proud of.

What makes your team unique?

There isn’t a team like ours in the partnership as we all perform very diverse functions to help lead the programme along with our partners. We come from very different career backgrounds and have very different experiences.

Tell us something interesting/surprising about your team? Apart from Programme Lead Emily Cole, no one else has previously worked in support services.

What thing as a team are you most proud of? The thing we are most proud of is creating the partnership and growing it into the incredible network it has become.

What piece of advice/best practice would you give to other teams working in the multiple disadvantage space? Keep going! and always keep people at the centre of everything you are doing.

Sum up your team in three words? Doing things differently


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