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John - a GMHF story

GMHF Worker Simon knew that it would take time to persuade John to move off the streets into independent living. With a long history of rough sleeping and begging in the city centre, it would be difficult to break away from these entrenched behaviours and routines.

Simon says: “Over time, John learned to trust me and eventually he agreed to move into temporary accommodation to make the transition to independent living easier. Whilst he had his own flat, he struggled to adapt and it wasn’t until he got his own permanent place in May 2020, that things finally began to change.

“John continues to accept support from me but he chooses how and when support is provided. This has given him a stronger sense of control and independence. As a result, he’s really progressed – more than he’s ever done before.

John says he’s taking things one step at a time. He added: “With Simon’s help, I’ve managed to break away from the streets and I feel comfortable in my own home. I’m taking more responsibility for my life – managing my finances and paying my bills.

“I still have a drug habit but I’m working towards doing rehab. I’ve been in touch with my GP and the drugs team about this. This is something I feel I could do now, but I need to wait until I’m 100% ready.”

John says he’d also like to have counselling at some point. He still suffers with the trauma of losing his mum and being put into care.

“I’m so happy to have my own place, in an area of Manchester where I wanted to live,” he added. “Looking ahead, I’d love get a job and feel part of the community. I’ve worked as a cabinet maker in the past and I’d like to do that again.

“Being settled, I can now take the time to make decisions about my future rather than just trying to survive day to day.”


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