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Making music with Chi Prophecy

Our inspirational Zone C workers are holding Mix with Music sessions with Rapper/Producer/Songwriter Chi Prophecy. 

The sessions, held at York Community Centre in Stockport, are being held over five weeks with the intention of bringing the community together with the joy of music. 

Alongside each session there will be various speakers who will deliver short talks on their subject area around informing, enhancing, and improving people’s knowledge of what is in and around their community and how to access the services.

Chi said: “The event was filled with a huge contrast of different energies. It’s nice to see more people attend each week.

“We all managed to get stuck in to a production session, allowing all to implement their own ideas to create a musical composition ending of with a vibrant karaoke session at the end. The time flew.”

One of the participants, Jamie, added: “The music session was amazing and it makes me want to take up music! Chi was mint and he really knew his stuff. Can’t wait for the next session. Nice one!”


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