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Sam - a GMHF story

In the not-too-distant past, Sam (not his real name) was settled in his profession and had a young family.

But a substance abuse problem turned his life on its head and saw Sam leave the family home and flit between rough sleeping and ABEN (A Bed Every Night).

But when Housing First got involved, things began to change.

Motivated with a desire to be permanently reunited with his family and get back into employment, Sam has been working with ACHIEVE on his substance misuse anxieties.

Sam was able to get a property in an area he felt he could settle in and his worker helped him get furniture and white goods. His worker also helped work through the issues when they arose as regards his utilities.

And his worker also helped him boost his confidence and skills when arranging for repairs or contacting suppliers by supporting him with his calls.

He’s also been able to build on the relationship with his worker and open up and reveal how he’s feeling.

This has helped him to make good progress to address his issues, settle into his new home and allow him to focus on his recovery journey and achieve his long-term goals.

Part of his recovery is also getting him back to work, so Sam has been given access to a laptop and WiFi and undertaking online learning to help him study his CSCS course.

He has also been given a toolkit, thanks to the pilot’s connection with TN Robinson Ltd, so he can do some DIY around the house and fix his bike.

As he addresses his issues and rebuilds his relationships with his family, he’s on the path to a brighter future. He said: “I have a home and support. I wouldn’t have what I have without GM Housing First.”


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