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The Greater Manchester Housing First pilot (GMHF) is intending to grow the current partnership by the addition of New Delivery Partners (DPs).


New partners will be required to start working in December 2020 and will be contracted to employ Housing First workers with specialist skills to integrate into the existing delivery teams. See how the pilot currently runs HERE.

This commissioning round has been designed to respond to trends and emerging themes that have been identified during the first year of operation. Working with the Local Authority leads across GM we have looked for unmet needs of people experiencing homelessness.


The partnership is looking to this commissioning round to gain new partners who have speciality skills and experience in delivering services for those identified needs and themes.

The commissioning has been broken down into four specialist service tranches in specific geographic locations and the partnership wants organisation with strong track record in delivering these more specialised services.


The contract will start in December 2020 and run till the current pilot end date of 31st March 2022.


The available contract tranches are in the document. 

The contract tranches specify the number of workers required and it will be the responsibility of the new partners to employ the workers with the specialist skills and experience and who are able to satisfy the requirements of the Job Description and Person Specification for a HF worker.


The partnership uses a rate card for its staff to make sure that regardless of organisation equivalent roles are paid the same. The rate paid to partners for each worker includes funding for organisational overheads (HR, training office usage, etc), pension payments, NINO employers payments, parking and mileage.


We also have a 24hr helpline and where this is manned by a member of a partner organisation an additional fee is claimable.

The bidding process for these tranche will open on Monday 21st September 2020 and close on the Friday 2nd October.

The service specification documents, tender instructions and response forms required to bid for these service tranches will be release via Procontract HERE

Questions about the process can be directed to

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